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Here are some reviews from previous exhibitions. Other people's opinions of my work are always welcome. So I look forward to hearing from you on the current exhibitions on this site - Tommy.

  • "I love Tommy Clancy's work for its clarity and its imaginative honesty of vision. From the confusion of the world, Tommy selects to live in our memories faces and places that make us feel at home, that challenge us to see the miraculous in what we might have thought ordinary. It takes immense patience and skill to select these living moments and to make them permanent - but that's what Tommy does. He gives us back the world we think we know, richer, more vivid and more full of mystery than we ever thought it was".

    - Theo Dorgan, writer, poet and broadcaster.

  • Tommy Clancy has an eye for detail. He's a top class photographer. Do yourself a favour, see his marvellous images.

    - The Evening Herald.

  • Tommy Clancy is a patient observer of the everyday. His photographs of Dublin draw attention to the beauty in places and things we pass by without noticing. The focus of his work reflect a unique knowledge of Dublin and its ordinary plenty.

    - Lisa Moran, Arts Curator.

  • Tommy's evocative black and white images of the garden's landscape perfectly capture the timeless beauty and charm of Dublin's 'Brightest Jewel'. We were delighted to host an exhibition of his work recently. This was a highlight for our many visitors, both local and international, revealing well-known views of the gardens and its plants with a fresh eye and at times an abstract beauty. A photographer who can capture the familiar and present it afresh to us, provides a rich and renewing experience, and tommy has shown himself a master of this skill.

    - Matthew Jebb, Director, National Botanic Gardens.

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