Tommy Clancy Photography

Dublin Reflections.

Dawn has always been too fresh for Dublin. Dublin always seems to be at weary dusk or just approaching it. The shapes of the city were mainly drafted by hands not our own, from Anglo Norman, to Georgian. It's doorways, fan windows and spires were left behind by others. Dublin has worn them away elementally through wind and rain and the persistence of the cities personality. Worn them away, softened and bent them into the slight surreal familiar of these images.

The prints in this exhibition are Archival Pigment Prints on Hahnemühle Fine Art Baryta fibe based paper 325 gms, in two sizes, A3 ("11.7 X "16.5) and A2 ("16.5 X "23.4), with a small white border. The border may vary depending on the dimensions of the image. Limited to 5 impressions of each size, total edition 10 impressions.

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