Tommy Clancy Photography

The Past is Present.

"The past is a foreign country" - this line of L. P. Hartley resonates profundly in the ephemeral feel and athmosphere of this exhibition. To stop and linger outside the gates and walls of the disused shop, bar or house, is to hear the voices and feel the energy of those once within - the sounds, accents, minds of an Ireland now passed yet still present in these remnants. Though sometimes decrepid they still retain the essence and stature of their glory days. These poignant images take us back in time to a place we can never go - to our own past.

The prints in this exhibition are Archival Pigment Prints on Hahnemühle Fine Art Baryta fibe based paper 325 gms, in two sizes, A3 ("11.7 X "16.5) and A2 ("16.5 X "23.4), with a small white border. The border may vary depending on the dimensions of the image. Limited to 5 impressions of each size, total edition 10 impressions.

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